Your home on the web. We build it together.

My mission is to make the technical world more accessible to everybody. I would love to build you a fantastic website and teach you WordPress at the same time.

Serving brands and entrepreneurs
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Are you ready to launch your website...

… and learn a new skill simultaneously? I’ll provide all the tools you need to set up and fully understand your WordPress website.

I know that it is easy to talk passionately about your business. Yet it is harder to write it all down and keep it short and concise. I will build your WordPress website and teach you how it works:

" Your unique creativity should be expressed in your website "

A simple 3-step process



In a one-hour interview we will discover exactly what style, colors and atmosphere you want and what your brand is all about.



I create a custom website for you. A recording of the interview is used to write short and simple texts that summarize your vision and mission.



In a 1,5-hour (online) workshop I teach you how to work with WordPress and Elementor Pro. You will be able to maintain your website yourself.

Free support

Don’t worry, I will never let you swim (or drown)! I am available to assist with issues that can be resolved under 15 minutes and am happy to help you access the free resources on the internet. Of course you can also book additional support. I will make sure your website keeps running smoothly.

Introducing your teacher

Lila Klatter

I love working with fellow entrepreneurs and freelancers. The best part for me is learning what your business is all about.

Almost by accident I landed in the IT sector. During my bachelor of mathematics I started learning programming and loved the creative possibilities it offered. Nowadays learning technology is not hard and it should be accessible to everyone.

My previous work