When I started webdesign, not only did I dream of building beautiful digital spaces, but also about empowering people with information. 

I'm Lila and this is why I teach WordPress...

My ambition is inspired by the homo universalis. I believe every person can aspire to develop all aspects of themselves. I love expressing my creative side in my art and my logical side in my fascination with mathematics, programming and the world opened up by newfound technical possibilities. These things crossover all the time: when I produce music on my laptop, I use a lot of technology.

Still, around me, I see schools and people trying to seperate the technical and the creative into two distinct districts. Especially the technical world is made less accessible, if you’re not already initiated. This leads to smarter and easier tools marketed to the “technical-less-savy”. In itself this is fine, but it comes with a price tag. 

I think this is a shame. I would like to raise people up to a basic technical level, so they can take charge of their own creations. You start to program instead of being programmed. Then you are able to create so much more. I challenge you to expand your horizon!

The guided method

My Guided WordPress method is a little different than the ordinary process of building a website.

" Building a modern-looking website should be easy and affordable "

My Experience

I have a wide array of teaching experience, both one-on-one as in group settings. This inspired me to combine webdesign with teaching WordPress.

Mathematics is  considered a very difficult subject. Some people feel they miss a certain “math gene”. In my years of tutoring, I’ve seen that people think and learn in different ways. Crudely put, some students think more in terms of words and definitions and others think more in terms of images. 

You have to get on the level of the student to explain something to them in a different way, so that they understand it. Learning something you previously thought was very hard, leads to such a boost in confidence, I would almost call it magic.

2012 -

BSc of Applied Mathematics at Utrecht University

I was always very good at maths and even though I loved music, theatre and the arts, I challenged myself to study mathematics.

2012 - present

Mathematics tutoring and exam training

Meanwhile, I started tutoring and teaching maths. This taught me a lot about how people think and inspired me in my further career choices.


Internship at International School Utrecht

For a while, I wanted to become a high school teacher, teaching mathematics in English at international schools. However, the group setting did not suit me best.


Teaching Scratch/programming to children

I taught Scratch to kids of 9 to 12 years old. These workshops inspired me to develop the Creative Programming Course ( currently still in development). With my online course I hope to reach children and adults all over the world.